Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little Boy

is not so little any longer. He goes to college with our youngest and comes to visit Mormor on the weekends.
He was rescued from a fate worse than death: to live with another student and several dogs!!!! Oh Noes!!!! This was all explained to me by No.2 in an effort to sway me into allowing the adoption. It wasn't shifting me and MY attitude about male cats in the slightest so I suggested she try to get around her father's protests first. Clever of me, no? Thinking I had back-up there.
No. I heard him walking back up the hallway saying, "Well you can always change the name!"
So much for back-up.

So here is what he looked like the first time I saw him. So tiny. So vunerable and lost-looking. It's an ACT, I tell you. This little monster has grown to enormous proportions! He throws his sizable bulk around and bullys every cat in the vicinity. (there are lots of cats from the neighborhood who loiter in the backyard..... haven't determined why this is just yet...) He looks like a grey panther! And I don't think he has filled out yet! He's only 15 months old and still rather lean but he's huge. When he lands after jumping off the sewing table, the earth shakes. He doesn't walk or amble, he pulls himself along by the claws. He lies in wait around the sofa for Q to innocently walk by, not knowing the terror that lurks. He inhales cat time for nonsense like...chewing.

He's another opinionated cat. I seem to be surrounded.

This is a favorite shot of him. He goes full out during playtime but then crashes like I've never seen a cat do. Kittens, yes. Not a cat:

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Kathryn said...

he's not a terror or a bully! look how sweet that little face is. you know you love that cat.