Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fat Fat The Water Rat

You know, I just don't get it. I am plogging again 3 x a week and I eat what I think is healthy, probably too much,  and I don't eat desserts (much) (maybe once a week) (ok twice) and for what ever reason my weight has crept up to 160 lbs.

This disturbs me.

Now, this does not sound serious or life-altering but still. A few months ago I sat around 153 and wanted the exercise to reduce that. But now, 160.  That's 7 lbs EXTRA. I am not a math-whiz but is that like a 6% increase? I don't know... but yesterday, I was so uncomfortable.  I felt like a balloon.  An overfilled balloon. It was frightening in the sense of out- of- controlness.

Does anyone out there have REASONABLE suggestions? I am going back to reducing all carbs and see what happens.

Something has to happen because this is unmanageable!

Charmed Blocks - Free Modern Quilt Pattern

A few days ago, I was in another of those "I just want to have a day of fun!" modes so I pulled out a charm pack I bought at the shop a few years ago.

Merry and Bright by Sandy Gervais

It's from Moda and my daughter was interested in a modern Christmas quilt. I purchase two charm packs and a few lengths of fabric 'friends' to go along with it. But time passes and I forgot all about it until the other weekend when I spied with my little eyes and thought, "A HA! the very thing. How much trouble could I get into with this?"

So, I came up with a quilt and have turned into a pattern that will be available for free on our store's website shortly.

I am posting this quilt pattern here first, however, because I was hoping that someone(s) would like to make it and be my spot-checker for mistakes. It measures 56" x 62" and is a snap to make.

To print the pattern, click on the printer icon in the upper left corner. You can increase the view by sliding the bar next to the printer button and you can view it full screen by clicking on the monitor button.

If you would like to sew this quilt and let me know what you think, I would be very grateful. I am getting into this modern quilt thing.......

 In the meantime, I am going to throw this one onto the quilting machine and have a blast using modern quilting motifs in white thread. I'll post that photo later.