Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fat Fat The Water Rat

You know, I just don't get it. I am plogging again 3 x a week and I eat what I think is healthy, probably too much,  and I don't eat desserts (much) (maybe once a week) (ok twice) and for what ever reason my weight has crept up to 160 lbs.

This disturbs me.

Now, this does not sound serious or life-altering but still. A few months ago I sat around 153 and wanted the exercise to reduce that. But now, 160.  That's 7 lbs EXTRA. I am not a math-whiz but is that like a 6% increase? I don't know... but yesterday, I was so uncomfortable.  I felt like a balloon.  An overfilled balloon. It was frightening in the sense of out- of- controlness.

Does anyone out there have REASONABLE suggestions? I am going back to reducing all carbs and see what happens.

Something has to happen because this is unmanageable!

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Kathy said...

you have just described ME!!