Thursday, December 4, 2008

Q in a Bag

I just love this little cat! No sooner did I complete this Charm Square tote than she decided to use it as a sleeping bag. I guess it has earned the Q Seal of Approval.

These totes are by Quilts Illustrated: Charm Party Tote and are fast and easy and make really super gifts. If you haven't bought charm packs because you don't know what to make with them, may I recommend trying a tote?
And when you finish a quilt project with a themed fabric, cut your leftovers into 5" squares for your own charm pack. They come in very handy for secondary projects. This bag was made up of leftovers from Kyle's Market, a three part fruit and veggie line that came out years ago. I made two quilts (BQ for those who care) for my daughters and had enough to make that tote for me. Well for Q apparently.

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