Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ramsey Bait Shop

There's a spot on Hwy 25, a few miles north of Covington that features several small buildings, a large gravel parking lot and one defunct gas pump. It's been there, morphing from one entity to another over the years.

The last thing it was was a restaurant that featured All You Can Eat Catfish dinners every Friday night. We never though of it on a Friday evening but we did stop in one afternoon for a late-ish lunch. We ordered the fried catfish (because I truly do love catfish when it's done right) and iced tea. The meal came with a slice of cake for dessert which caught me off-guard.

The tea tasted like tea. The catfish was fabulous and the cake the perfect topper to a surprising meal.

The joint closed a few months back and we watched over the course of a month or so as the interior was hauled out to the exterior and an awning attached and the place cleaned up. When the neon beer signs lit up, I chalked the place up to an ice house. Well, at least it didn't close altogether in these tough times.

So as we passed by it today, we said, "Let's pop in and find out what this is....."

Well, shut my mouth! It just got better! The same catfish is available at night, and fried chicken all day, egg sausage biscuits for the morning commute and BOUDIN balls! Man alive! I died and went to heaven.

Yeah, it has beer and bread and quick-pick items to save you a long drive to the groch but wait! It gets better again!

Bait. They sell bait. Lures. Cane poles and floats and weights. You wanna fish? No problem.

Rasmeys' Bait Shop. They're waiting for you

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