Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Was Bound To Happen, Right?

Out of the four chickies that hatched this summer, it is looking like three of them are indeed of the male persuasion.

Dagnabbit! This is the luck of the draw, I know, I know, but how does one dispose of unwanted chickens?

I love Rooster Stu, he is a great bird. He has never ever rushed me or intimidated me and now I have a chicken that went from a sweet little guy to a hormone-crazed fiend on steroids.

I came home the other evening to John steaming because when he tried to close them up for the night, two birds were still out in the run, in the dark(!) and one of them came at him with passion. He had to fight the chicken off with his feet as he left the gate open. When I went out, the four "babies" were nestled together in a laybox, all sweet and cuddly. But the next morning, darn if he didn't try to corral ME! I had to get a long stick to keep him at bay.

Now, this morning all was well in the world and I spent time feeding them kale by hand, all normal but I was keeping a weather eye on this chicken all the while. Everything was as it had been. I know too that this won't last.

So, we went around town trying offload the roos to anyone who would take them. No takers. A friend with chickens is my go-to gal and I asked her what she does with unwanted chickens. "I've been known to take them for rides." Don't you love a southern sense of humor?

"Leave the gun. Take the canolis."

Of course, this evening as I went to give them some scratch, this crazy bird mounted a Buff Orp and Stu whooped into him like a red-headed step-child! Which I find a tad amusing because I remember how comical his first attempts were back last year and he got chased around the run for his clumsy moves.

Well, all this is to say that tomorrow morning I will take the last photos of the chickens that are exiting my little corner of the world and take away these pearls of wisdom.

"Don't let a chicken go broody"
"Get straight runs"
John would add, "All In. All Out"

Will someone out there please remind of this when I write a post about eggs in the future?


Ann Marie said...

I had to laugh at your friend's comment. I would hesitate to take a ride with her.

We had geese when I was growing up. They were vicious. And not just the males. They would literally bite the hand that fed them.

Chris said...

HAHAhahahaah oh dear! She is a lovely woman.... wouldn't hurt a chicken!

I didn't quote the rest of what she said.....and I paraphrase here:

"Welllll..... sometimes I just pitch 'em out near other chickens.... a rooster will find a hen!"

I just can't bring myself ditch a chicken. I need to find a home that doesn't resemble a 4 qt stock pot!