Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a Year it Was! What a Year Will it Be?

It's only hours away from being behind us and I will shut the door on 2011 by looking forward eagerly to 2012.

I hope it will be spectacular and not in a bad way!

I hope it will be one of completions. (Quilt-wise, to be more specific)(gotta completely finish more than 12 to get ahead of the closet)

I hope it will be fruitful. (Fruit-wise, that is)(and veg)

I hope it will be memorable. (as in I don't forget half of it by sleeping)

I hope it will be healthy. (as in I or no one I know gets injured or ill)

I hope it will be injury-free. (as in my feet make to the Finish Line in March.)( and beyond)

I hope a year from today I will look back and go YIPPEE!!!!!!!! WHAT A YEAR IT WAS!!!!!


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