Friday, December 28, 2012

Bored Finger Drumming

So........ Is it 2013 yet?

I cannot wait for this year to end. I am excited about January1 and I have a laundry-list of goals.

No, I am not waiting for Tuesday next to get here before I begin. In fact, I have mentally leapt into the future and as such, my New Year will actually start on Saturday, December 30.

 I so cannot wait to leave this year behind that I will RUN away from it, 10 miles at the Bogue Chitto State Park!

After the BR Beach Half, I bought a new pair of shoes so that commits me through the Rock n Roll in February. After that, well we'll review.

And I can't wait (but I must) to plant the seeds for this summers tomato crops! Timing is everything here in SELA and you can grow veg 12 months out of every year. At the moment, we are feasting on beets, carrots, rutabagas, turnips, kale, brussel sprouts and lettuces. It's been a great year for broccoli as well.

My cousin gave me a substantial papaya tree that I plan to plant in the spring with hopes that we can get a few of those delicious fruits before next fall. And I hope (oh please oh please) that the 4 year old guava plants will produce this year. They are looking really good!

I have a few quilts percolating upstairs and more than a few to quilt hanging in the closet (still.... sigh) so once again, resolution: Quilt 1 (at least) each month.

So, I say good-bye til January. I wish you all peace & love and a Happy New Year. Be safe out there.

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