Monday, May 19, 2014

Thornless Rosebushes

Every now and then, something amazing happens to me........ case in point:

Last week, I received my credit card bill and I did not recognize a charge. It was relatively small, only $36.00 but still.... "What is this!", I thought to myself.

So, I did the first thing that came to mind, I called the credit company to see if they could identify the business. As I waited for the interminable auto-answering laundry list of selections to flip-flip-flip it's way to where I actually found a human, I popped online to see what this could be. ACT........ 

About the time a human on other end joined me, I figured out it was for a magazine subscription! This was one that I took a trial subscript on back in November of 2012, I kid you not. Back when I registered for the Rock n Roll Marathon!!!!!

Do you remember what you did 15 months ago? I don't, and shame on me. So, I meekly explained that no, this was not a fraudulent charge..... it was something I authorized and just have no memory of until the clues all fell in place.

I might add here, the YOUNG man on the other end had NO, none, nada, zero, nyet reaction. Total silence. Not a chuckle of understanding, or tsk tsk finger-wagging, or joking sympathy for my aging. All my (weak) attempts of humor fell flat. oh well.

I mediately called the magazine distributor who was very kind and helpful and cancelled the subscription (I have totally stopped running since that marathon!) and was told I would be receiving a refund in 2 billing cycles.

So, now keeping with this trending forgetfulness, I set the credit card bill aside to pay and promptly covered it with other clutter. And today, as I go to pay bills, I find... ho ho! What's THIS!?  I forgot to PAY the $36.00!!!! and NOW I see since it IS late, there will be an additional $35.00 Late Fee. 


What to do, what to do? I called the credit card company (again) to throw myself at their mercy only to hear the auto-answer voice tell me I have a $27.00 CREDIT!!! The refund came through immediately.

 GO Figure!

Every now and then, I fall off a balcony and into a thornless rosebush.

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