Friday, July 18, 2014

Supernova Swap with LateNight Quilter

A few months ago, I happened to scroll through the FaceBook feed and noticed a beautiful image that stopped me in my tracks.

The message was that a person looking for a partner to work on a quilting project together: a SWAP!

I am all in for these things because they are mysterious by nature.

Now, the Supernova Friendship swap was being started by a Blogger called Late Night Quilter, so I popped over to the  Blog and read up on the requirements, etc.   "Who's in?"

I'm IN!

I found no one to pair up with me so I wrote to the woman who mentioned it in the first place, asking if she still needed a partner. Alas for me, she already had one. Oh well, keep looking.

I don't think 3 days passed before I heard back from her, telling me she DID need one! Hurrah! It was meant to be!

So Kim A and I are quite the couple and she found some beautiful photos to use as the basis of our color palette. We settled on one, THIS ONE!

Isn't it pretty?

So the first thing we did was head over to Bright Hopes Quilting in Mandeville and start pulling bolts to match these exact (or as close as I could get!) colors.


Pretty good, no?
(that bright blue didn't make the final cut)

Full disclosure: I WORK at Bright Hopes so I am rather spoiled in selection of outrageously  beautiful fabrics to play with and several other lovely quilt shops all within a 50 mile radius of house in the off-chance Pearl doesn't have what I need. But my partner, Kim, lives in a quilt fabric desert in an Eastern state and she had to look a little harder.

So, off we went , back in our corners and whipped up our first blocks. 
Now along with the swapping, the first thing we had to think about (besides, accurate slicing and stitching) was to write up 25 Things we didn't know about each other.

Lots of partners were already friends but some of us were strangers when we started down this mysterious path.

I wrote out my 25 Things, packed up the envelop and sent it on to Kim. 

I got hers the same day she received mine.

I won't show you what she wrote but I want to say it was hand-written out in colorful pencils and thoughtfully created.

What she got from me was a single white boring page of numbered single-sentence itemized check-list facts in sans serif Helvetica.  12 pt. Black ink. I didn't even italicize it. 

 I'm surprised she didn't fall asleep reading it.

Anyhoo, here are our first 2 blocks, side by side.  

After a few weeks went by, Kim wrote back and said she going to remake the one on the right to remove the raspberry magenta fabrics. So when I receive that replacement block, I will drop it into this post.

In the meantime, I need to fulfill THIS month's Question:

Without any physical or mental limitations, or personal obligations such as children or money, if you could hold any occupation or talent what would you choose and why? Would you be a great artist, an Olympic athlete, a neurosurgeon – the possibilities are limitless – share with your partner what it is about that talent or profession that inspires you.

Off I go!!!

While I am working on this, if you wish to see more lovelies in the Swap, Head over to Late Night Quilter's Flickr page and browse to your heart's content!

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