Sunday, October 26, 2014

Decisions, Decisions - Supernova Friendship Swap

Now that the final Supernova Friendship Quilt quilt-top is complete, I turn my attention to the backing and quilting motifs and try to decide how I would like to see this lovely creature look at the end of the project.

Here are the added borders:

I decided not to use the original darker smoke grey fabric for the extensions along the border but rather go with more color from the blocks themselves. As I suspected, it leaves a less unified result but I want to expose more color.

The nine blocks (out of 11) I chose to use have a more scattered effect owing to neither of us knowing what the other was going to use each month. We relied on the original photograph

for consultation and my partner also tossed in batiks for good measure. It was always thrilling to receive a package because hers were delightfully modern and unpredictable!

(Aside-  Now when I stop and look at that photo and the colors I chose to use once more, I realize that I completely left off the green tones! Interesting!)

In my first blogpost, I wrote that Kim had sent the raspberry block (right) and decided to withdraw it and replace it with another block.

She had been waiting for a shipment of Cotton + Steel fabrics at her LQS. Once they had arrived, she got busy and sent both the replacement and the next month's block together. She also sent me a selection of fat quarters so I started adding a little of them in my remaining blocks.

A week ago, I received her final blocks and quickly threw them all up on the design wall and started playing with them. As, I wrote, I had 2 additional  blocks left over and wanted them to be a part of the quilt so I pieced them into the backing.

  I chose a Kate Spain fabric from her Honey Honey collection for the backing as I had also used it in several of the blocks. I love her fabric designs and the cotton is so soft. Thank you, Moda!!!!!

Here is the backing on my Tin Lizzie frame, all ready to rock!

 Now, for the real work to begin! How do quilt this Modern quilt design?

I have been pawing at the modern quilt edges for a couple of years now and get great ideas form Angela Waters and Pinterest. Up til now, I have focussed on getting better at feathering and McTavishing but for Supernova, I really wanted something that would accentuate the explosive quality of the block design itself.

I also want to use modern quilting motifs so in the grey open (negative) spaces, I am using pebbles to make the background recede. This is going to take quite a long time.

So, you can see pebbles in the background negative spaces, wavy lines on the diagonal arms and vines and leaves on the axis'.

Still to decide are the 9-patch squares... I am uncertain at this point what I will be doing. I have a few ideas but am unsettled on all of them. Hoping I get a flash of inspiration in my sleep!

To see another finished quilt, click here to go to Late-Night Quilter.

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