Sunday, November 8, 2015

It's Off The Machine

Before I begin, I have to state: I am so tired. I do not remember a time when I was more tired. I can hardly hold my eyes open to type this...

I just took the quilt off the rails and the yawning and achy shoulders and everything tells me I should not even attempt trimming off the excess fabric and batting.
I'm going to bed!

Okay, It's Nov. 8 and the quilt when on the machine on Oct. 15. This means it's been under way for 3.5 weeks and I have spent almost every day between working on it. A little here, a lot there.

What has taken the longest is not the actual stitching but rather the deciding on the designs I wanted to try to make. After I had blocked in all the 'negative space' squares on point, I waited to see how it looked before deciding on the filler stitches between them.

 Above you can see how I treated the lattice work and how the circles push down the background.

After the good night's sleep, I felt ready to tackle the trimming up. The quilt measures 86.5" square and is the widest one I've done on the Tin Lizzie 18.

Now, all that is left is to figure out how I will bind it. I'm leaning on using all the leftover strips from the fabrics I used in the center. 

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