Friday, October 31, 2008


A high-light at the International Quilt Market, first thing in the morning, was meeting Jay McCarroll from Project Runway fame.

He has designed a new line of fabric for Free Spirit. Fierce, fierce creatures from the woodlands! Scary bunnies and manic deer. Not for the faint of heart or terribly young children. Can you imagine the moment little Betty snuggles down to a nap and looks into the eyes of one of these characters!? Nightmares!

But for anyone over the age of 10, they're a riot. And the "friends" in the collections are great: mushrooms, strawberries, zigzags. All in bright bold colors.

And Jay himself was so approachable and enthusiastic about this new venture. He was happy to visit with us and offerred up photos, "Would you a signed picture????" What a question. "Clearly!"

Just as the market was closing for the day at 6:00pm and the PA system was booming for the rabble to head to the nearest exit, I ran like a spawning salmon in the opposite direction in hopes of getting a photo of the two of us. He was still there, ignoring the Big Voice and carrying on with the adoring crowd. A real trooper and I wish him great succcess.

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