Monday, February 16, 2009

Now this is High-Tech Quilting (MUSHY MUSH!)

Just before she left for Okinawa, Kat set me up on her MacBook and introduced me to Netflix..... this DVD rental system that has escaped me for some time now.

I understand concept under which it operates but relying on the postal system to transport films isn't something that would allow me to sleep easy. (It's interesting to note how often my bills and payments, sent back well in advance, managed to not arrive before the Due Date, leaving me with extra charges for being late or simply vanish altogether, but they NEVER took long to arrive in my mailbox....)(but that's a subject for another post)

So, what I did not realize with Netflix is one can actually watch ON DEMAND on the computer lots of films and TV programs that are both currently running and blasts from the past.

I have set the computer up behind the sewing machine and while I work on the latest quilts, I am watching the past 5 episodes of MONK, one of my favorite shows of late.

What could possibly be wrong with this?

Well If you're not paying attention to the sewing because Monk is distracting , you end up with scrambled cats:

Even with Shasta supervising (see the top photo) I managed to sew it wonky.

Anyway, offers this technology as well and Alec Baldwin has redeemed himself in the eyes of the public of late with both his work on a TV series and a commercial that aired on SuperBowl Sunday:

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