Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Already

And I have been busy but neglecting this blog.


1. Low Carb eating is NOT difficult, even for someone like me who tends to gravitate towards starch items. Thank GOD I started eating meat again back a few years ago or I would be chewing on root veggies alone.

HOWEVER, the weight does not just fall off as advertised. I have only lost maybe two pounds but John has lost more than 8 and feels really good.

2. Skiing in Colorado was a blast. I didn't break any bones (yippee) and have been coached into going downhill with greater velocity and skill than I ever dreamed I would thanks to the advice of the Two Larrys. Thanks, guys..... I really mean that. Especially after roasting I got from you when I poked the lift partner off the seat. (don't ask... it was so humiliating!)

3. Daughter No 1 is returning from her ski trip this morning and Daugher No 2 has arrived in Okinawa for a 4 -5 weeks trip to the Far East. I am calm. I am in a happy place. I am breathing. Slowly in. Slowly out.

4. Quilts continue apace: I have completed a few new samples for the shop

These are the two newest samples. One is for a paper piece class and the smaller one is the BOM Jamestown in Batiks. (It's really MUCH bigger than the square photo but that would take up alot of download time)

Now that the BOM is full, I will be taking it apart and rearranging a few blocks for a better dispersing of that dark purple fabric. I used the original pattern layout and was in such a rush to finish it for the shop that I didn't stop long enough to actually look at it.

Note to myself: Take Time. Mindful walking.

and finally, I am plotting my next two tops on the quilting machine. But first: Here is one of two identical quilts I made for the girls for Christmas:

Dontcha just love that fruit fabric?! It's incredible! That pattern is called BQ.


Rachel said...

I did not know you had this. Why didn't you tell me you had this? This is awesome. YOU are awesome. I love you.

Cats and Quilts said...

I love you TOO!!!!!
Like the new addition? Maukie the Virtual Cat