Friday, March 27, 2009

There Went That Month! Yeesh

No, I'm still here and have new thing to say. They'll get their own blog post eventually but a quick run-down of life-as-I-know-it goes thusly:

1. The garden veg has a limited time to be planted for optimum growth potential and I have been busy using these past four weeks applying myself towards this endeavour.

2. And house-hunting. WHY WHY WHY when I love where I live so much? Because a)we may not have chickens on the property, b) I'd like to grow more veg and a fruit orchard and as such more land is a necessity, not a luxury; c) even with Katrina and the loss of many trees, I have maxed out the sun spots in the 1/4 acre we sit on and lastly d) who wouldn't want a hive of bees buzzing in the orchard?

3. Yes I still work at Bright Hopes and have been teaching classes and GSQA just had seminar in Baton Rouge so I was alittle preoccupied with that part of my life.

4. (actually this is also under no 3): I have been working on more samples and donation quilts. This is usually accomplished in the early (quiet) morning hours so as to not disturb anyone who can sleep past 4:00 am. (lucky lucky)

5. House maintenance: Trees, which should never have been planted or allowed to remain when the house was built 30 years ago, are down. That is a post unto itself.

5. Daughter no. 2 was gone to SE Asia for forever and has just returned so I am happy that she's back, safe, happy and hopefully ready to tackle academ once more and GET THAT DIPLOMA!

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