Monday, August 17, 2009

Here's a Thought

All of the entities agitating for "health care reform" and underwriting (paying) the movement; George Soros, Democrat lawmakers, lobbyists, unions, pharmaceuticals, sympathetic celebrities et al. You have been throwing your money and rhetoric at this "problem" for many many years but I never have heard ANY of you offer this simple modest proposal.

How about all of you and your very deep pockets and concern band together and create this non-profit insurance company that ONLY those wretched individuals that you claim cannot make ends meet and pay for health insurance can apply for. It's such a WIN- WIN idea. These people can finally get the SAME health care that YOU guys enjoy and you all can have the satisfaction of going to sleep at night knowing that your efforts helped someone (and really, what's a few bucks less in your bloated bank accounts gonna matter to you anyway?) and the TAXPAYERS who already support MOST of you one way or another can keep a few more dollars in their own pockets at the end of the workweek. YOU ALL can pay for this thing you want so badly.

THINK ABOUT IT. You don't need a "bill" or an "act". You don't need a huge room of arguing, posturing old white men to do this. You can do it better than them! You can design the very policy that you want the Government to implement, right down the mandatory 6 month health-checks, the forced abortions (when necessary), the end-of-life counseling sessions. You clearly have the "support" of the AMA so you should have NO problem getting pools of doctors and hospitals to sign up and offer reduced rates for the poor. And with the continued contributions that all of these Pro-Health Reform advocates will make throughout the years to come, there will be no shortage of funding. You can even choose the "czar" and panels to "oversee" that the program is run ethically, money-wise that is. I am sure those people will do it for free or at the most, a token salary that they can turn around and contribute to the "lock-box".

And BEST of ALL, (why didn't I think of this earlier?) because it has not been created BY the Government, the Program CANNOT EVER be tinkered with or canceled by future politicians for their own questionable interests. It will go on and on and on and on. Or at least until the supporters get bored with it or end up in it themselves due to impoverished circumstances.

But hey, that can't happen to them! (No, you can't enroll in this NOW, you already have health insurance...what are you thinking!?)

UNTIL every congressman and senator, in office and retired, are enrolled in whatever Government-sponsored heath care reform policy we end up with, it should not be forced on the People. If it's Good for us, it ought to be Good Enough for them.

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