Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Love Quilts

Of course we do and here is a site with the name!

Please go register to (hopefully) win an autographed book by the industrious Eleanor Burns and check out the website itself. It's an awesome and inspiring way to spend the afternoon.

You can also see Eleanor online at

I have just finished picking fabric for a quilt by her out of Victory Quilts by Eleanor Burns
and look forward to making it this fall. I had bought the book a year ago and took it with me to the Houston Quilt market in a hope and prayer that she would be there and I could ask for an autograph. Now, it's a HEAVY book and every day there was a loonnnnng one so you can see how much of an effort I made to get that signature but alas! I never saw her. She might not have even been there at all, for all I know
. But I have been hankering to make it and Bright Hopes got the fabric that I wanted to use in it. Can't Wait!!!!

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