Saturday, July 16, 2011

Come Up To The Lab...

You'd think by the end of this post that jogging was my latest obsession but you would be wrong... however:

I wanted to write about something I discovered this morning and yeah, "there's (apparently) an App for that!" There's an app for everything!

I wondered yesterday how far I had plogged and thought it would be great if I had a map of my location and the various routes I take..... I have lived here for 2 years now but still get lost in my own subdivision. I don't have horse-sense when it comes to cardinal direction and might see something for a land marker 20 times and still find it to be a Eureka moment.... "I didn't know there was a pond there!!"

So, I thought, I ought to map it out for future reference and see how far I have been going on the various routes.

and if you click the Start Recording button, you will get an accurate measure of your distance.

Pretty slick, I would also like to announce, ahem.... I have plogging farther than I realized. whoo hoo indeed.

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