Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting Healthy is Gonna Kill ME

A few weeks ago, my cousin tells me she's running, I don't remember..... was it 8 miles? It doesn't matter the number.... it's the activity that got to me. I used to rog. Not run and not jog. Plog. I'd plog along everyday but that was over 30 years ago and I can't believe I used to be that person.

I stay busy and move constantly but at my age, the beam is broadening. The broad doesn't beam; she lumbers and scowls. And she spends way too much time on her beam reading innertube nonsense. Especially so, first thing in the morning for a couple of hours.

So, I said to myself, "Self, you silly thing. You should go out before the sun rises and walk or trot or plog around the neighborhood instead of wasting precious time. You're not getting any younger, you know!"

So I started and find it enjoyable. I plug in the ipod and listen to nonsense now, instead of reading it and plog away the minutes. I would like to say the miles but they are probably more than one and less than three, depending on the route I choose.

Today I was very good and chose a long long distance to start the week. This time I walked MOST of it and was nearing the last half mile when the story ended and I pulled the ipod out to make a new selection.

Now, there's one thing about driving while distracted by a cellphone or texting but I was walking and not at a rapid clip. And I didn't see that along the left turn, the asphalt fell away sharply and so did I. I twisted my ankle and went straight down in a crumple.

The ankle hurt immediately and I wondered how I was going to get home but when I finally hauled myself upright, it was pain-free.

Until now, 4 hours later. It's seizing up fiercely and I have too much to can to just sit on the beam.

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