Monday, July 9, 2012

A Busy Day

It started with my first run since March. I went two times after the 1/2 Marathon but my heart (and knee) was into it at that point in time. 

I woke up this morning feeling really good, great even and I thought it might be time to slip on the shoes and give it another go. 4 months (ish) is long enough time to  rest the IT band that hurt so awfully after that long plog and I went for 30 minutes and I can honestly say that even at 6 am, it is steamy hot and humid in the deep south but much better than tying to go at it around 7:30am. I was finished before the sun topped the trees and was grateful. 
Now, why you might ask, am I doing this again in the hot of the summer? Well, I committed to doing the Rock n Roll Half Marathon again next year in February and am committing to do the Baton Rouge Beach in Dec. so I guess I need to get back in the groove.
When I "trained" for the 2012, I had exactly 18 weeks between commitment and completion and I mean from the day I strapped on the shoes to the day of the marathon. Nd frankly, for a minimally active person at 52, that really was asking a lot. But that is behind me (along with excess baggage) and Dec. is a long way away and I know I will do better and feel better and have better shoes this time!

But enough about me.... have you seen this pot of chicken stock? If you are a friend on Facebook, it may look familiar. I love chicken soup... it is usefull for many dishes and I intend to make three favorits (of mine) this week. Mexican tortilla soup, chicken curry and italian pasta i fagoli. Call me ethnic.

Now, I have also been hacking away at this most diffy of quilts, the 2nd Civil War Quilt and I used a layout similar to one I found at the Flickr site, except I used 9 on point squares for the center instead of 16. Now I will have to add boders borders borders to make it large enough to drape King, ven thou this means I may not be able to quilt it myself. C'est la vie!



Dloye said...

just read back through several blog posts. You go! Suddenly I want chicken soup. What's up with that?

Chris said...

Chicken soup is nectar and ambrosia.... I thrive on it! No wonder it is a comfort food!

Thanks for reading ...