Monday, July 9, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

Nah, probably not. I see it has been two months since the last posting and it feels even longer since. It is good to back away from things at times. Get some distance to see life in a different perspective.

I even stayed away from sewing for several weeks and I think I benefited from this as well. Even plogging. Haven't done that since the R n R 1/2 Marathon back in March. I think of it all as a vacation but don't think for one minute I've been sitting around watching Netflix and popping popcorn. (okay I have been doing that.....) but it is summer and the vegetables have been belching out of the garden and that means canning, peeling, freezing, pickling and not in that order!

I have cleaned out the freezer as well to see where we stand in there and now I almost can stand in there! Except it's a chest freezer so I would look rather silly. And cold.

What I really really truly want to do is get 4 or more quilts on the machine (one at a time, naturally) and knock them out. I bought a couple of new books which I wrote briefly about at Bright Hopes Quilting and found some new design I want to practice, but first I have to dredge the machine out from under piles of draping stuff.

Ever buy an exercise machine, or seen one set up in a bedroom, never used except to hang clothes off of? Picture a quilting machine then, all set up and recently serviced; just waiting for a quilt-top to be pinned in place. But I can't because I have been using it to hold projects on hold, ironing yet to do, some fabric I bought as backing for another quilt I can't seen to locate, bills paid that need to be filed and pincushions I am using to finish the last Civil War quilt that has me pulling my hair out. It's so cluttered, even the cat has issues.

Yesterday, I started tackling the excavation in order to get where I wish to be and I hope by Wednesday to actually have a quilt ready to go.

In a bid to re-enter the quilting room gently, I did complete this little quilt in one day.

It's for the Seasoned Quilter wall hanging at the shop.

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