Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Ants Go Marching Two by Two-thousand

I spent an hour shaking Amdro on fire-ant hills all over the Back 2. The hills are everywhere.

I noticed a few hills the afternoon I mowed with the zero-turn, (Ladies, can I tell you how much fun that is!?) By the next morning, there were over 40 hills and I wonder if I aggravated them in to moving. And that is why I was shaking the Amdro.

Anyhoo, so yesterday I went out to water the raised beds and found in the swiss chard and beet beds tiny holes, in straight rows, exactly where I had planted the seeds. Ants. Ants have burrowed down and feasted on the seeds.

So now it's war.

Any suggestions? Do I wait to see if any of the seeds emerge? Do I go ahead and reseed immediately? Do I start them in jiffypots?

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