Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is Barack Obama's "Green Jobs Czar"

I'd like a shot a answering her question. Basically, that question was 'How was the Bush Administration able to "push" bills through with less than a majority vote in Congress and Obama can't do it with a Democrat majority?

The esteemed man at the podium, highly-educated and verbose, said it's because Republicans are a******. And he said that he "can be one at times" as well. (I suppose that makes name-calling okay. Clearly the crowd loved this answer.)

Well, let me give it a shot. It's very possible that the Democrats who voted FOR any Republican-sponsored bills thought that the bills were worthy of their support and that their constituents wanted it. It's also a FACT that President Bush and the Republican Party had the Democrats help to actually write those bills, unlike the current Administration, who won't let anyone he doesn't like play his reindeer games. Oh they can sit in the room, but they can't add anything to the discussion. That's Pelosi.

It is also possible that Republicans DON'T think any current bill they choose to vote AGAINST is worthy of support (nor their constituents as well) and since the Democrats DO have a SUPER majority now in the Houses, there is simply NO reason Obama cannot get any bill he desperately wants passed to pass, EXCEPT that he has Democrats that know the bills are bad. Really, who's the a****** again?

Pelosi and Reid, you two can have any bill you can strong-arm YOUR side to vote on but YOU know and WE know that you want to share the blame when it fails, which it will. No Gov't sponsored entitlement program has ever succeeded.

SO to summarize: Even Democrats know there are some things the President wants and people oppose and since Presidents come and go but the people vote forever, who do YOU think is going to sway the vote?

Lastly, don't forget he said some of "them" are gonna have to get "a little uppity" because Obama isn't an a******. Ah classy.

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