Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There WILL Be Pie

Thanksgiving is in 3 days (two really, but it's still morning on Tuesday) and this means PIE. As in, time to be baking PIES.
Last year we made the usual suspects: pumpkin, apple and pecan and a new-comer, Snickerdoodle Pie. That was the last to be consumed so this year we swap it out for



We are in Port A, holed up and waiting for the teaglettes to fly in from the East. It is raining outside and no better time can be spent other than in the pursuit of pie and quilt-making. Reading comes in a close Third but I didn't bring any material or the Kindle for that matter. (boo)

This town, Port Aransas, Texas, is a sleepy back-water burgh and fishing village, plodding along in a pace all it's own. We take a 3-minute ferry from Aransas Pass. We went fishing the first day and although I caught a couple, they were on the small side; too small to legally keep but the catching was fun. John brought home the bacon. er, redfish. I brought home panda eyes. Toasty toasty.

Port A has a micro-brewery, been open almost two years. Beer beckons, must answer the call. I asked for a sampler set and chose 5. Not one was great. They need work. The after-taste was medicinal. I couldn't make a single one even that good but I am a critic. The worst kind of critic: the kind that PAYS for the fare and then critiques.

The condo we have rented has 2 bedrooms and a complete kitchen. Great view out the window of the harbor and channel. Lots of boat activity, even for the autumn. This was dawn on the first day.

We walked out on the pier, Day Two, and found Pele here, giving me the evil eye. He was SO FINE. Never stopped watching for a moment. Kept swiveling around and posing, but never afraid either. The glare was so bad I had a hard time getting a quality shot and even this one has his beak shaved off but what a glorious face!

THE ONLY thing I dislike about being away from home is that I am also away from this:

She was so sacked out, her mouth hung open!!!

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