Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Think You Can Handle It????

Just to tease you a tad, here is John taking a shot with this cell phone of his beautiful garden. To the left of him is the reason for this post.

I love those post toppers he put in. There's one at the garden gate with a solar light. It doesn't exactly illuminate the area but I can see it off in the distance from the kitchen window at night.


Isn't this the cutest coop you have EVER seen???????

And that's only the BACK! Check out the window vent. I will paint it green to compliment the roof. The door on the other side will also be green, eventually. I want to paint a quilt block on that empty space.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love this coop!!!!! And if the chickens don't work out for us, it will make an EXCELLENT potting shed and tool storage. I can't stand it..... it is so awesome. See the sliding doors on the side, so the girls can get out and about without leaving the front door open all the time. Oh I should have taken a shot of the interior with the auto waterer and the hanging feeder. Everything is there ready for "the ladies" but they have to wait til after Thanksgiving.


And peas!!! Well not exactly... we seem to have an interesting problem with the English Peas (in the foreground). Lots of leaves, very healthy but no flowers nor peapods...... too much nitrogen perhaps?

This little volunteer has friends out in the clover,

they're zucs and I left them to see if they'd produce any fruits and sure enough. But I think by the time they are harvestable, we will be in Texas for Thanksgiving. That's ok. Our good neighbors will be keeping an eye on the house & garden and hopefully eating the goodness so it doesn't go to waste

Here's a wide shot of the center beds. I will probably not try Swiss Chard again. The only thing eating them is bugs. Once the chickens arrive, I'll be feeding it to them and planting something else in the space. We have eaten the first broccoli and it was good. Lots of lettuce and kale and greens. The yellow squash is still cranking out veg and we await the tomatoes turning red but I fear the lack of sunlight is thwarting that. The sprouts are beginning to form on the stalks.

To show that all is not perfect in the world:

That is what happens when you paint on a blustery day. The wind hit the shed door which hit the ladder that held the paint can that fell over and splashed the fence. It's latex so we will dig up the dried paint off the earth.


Kathleen said...

Those girls are going to think that they died and went to heaven. But will they lay?

Cats and Quilts said...

The age old question.... to be sure. OF COURSE they will. I'll leave the machete out as an incentive.