Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now Just Wait One Cotton-Pickin' Minute!

Did YOU know that was a derogatory expression?

If you, like me, didn't catch that..... Cotton-Pickin', a term I grew up with, is racial! It's derogatory and was said by Rick Sanchez of CNN about Barack Obama. Witness:

Now..... I grew up, not ONLY in the South but, with Bugs Bunny. This is where I got familiar with the expression (sec 22 forward):

I could've sworn it was used as a substitute for a swear word! We said it all the time and never, not once, ever in a million brazillion years, made the connection with slavery.

Sanchez apologizes because some people took OFFENSE at his use and offers as an explanation that he grew up in the SOUTH. Where, of course, all the racists live and he sure as shootin', doesn't want to be associated with us!

Everyone is a victim and everyone is offended in these Disunited States.

But nevermind. Let's have a moment of levity and loonacy!
Check out Daffy's lower lip

Oh NO...... Daffy was a black duck! I can't laugh at him!

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