Saturday, August 21, 2010

Put In (Some) Perspective

We were low on Layena, which is chicken feed for laying hens, yesterday so we ran up to the Feed n Seed. BTW, the expression "chicken feed" has lost all meaning. Have you priced this stuff lately?

This morning I carried the 25lb bag from the shed to the coop. Whooh. 25lbs. Heavy. Not something I could easily carry up two flights of step.

25lbs happens to be the additional weight I have added since moving to SELA. Okay, I may have more equally distributed it across the bone structure but it resides here nonetheless.
And the body has been hauling it around ever since. This cannot be a good thing but hefting that sack, even by supporting it on my left hip, really drove home this point in a meaningful way.

I gotta get this off me. It isn't good for the bones, the heart, the joints.....

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