Thursday, November 4, 2010

Compromise. Of Course!!!!

It's both unbelievable and predictable.

NOW, after 4 years of hammering the right with her mighty mallet, Pelosi's Left want the Republicans to "come to the table" and compromise. Now, they tell the Republicans they have to present ideas to get the country moving again.

Right right right..... as though they haven't been elbowing their opposition out the door, told them to sit in the back and "they won" so shut up.

You better remember.

Remember this face. This is the face you get to look at in the Senate for 6 MORE YEARS!

Okay now to the Right: you BETTER not forget what the "great unwashed" has elected you to do, You will get no more chances.

And Media: you're as done and gone as you can possibly be. Exposed as the enablers you are to the Progressives.

George Soros..... keeping spending your billions, you hypocrite. Or better yet, go mess with Russia! or China! or Cuba! GO "help" them be the country you think THEY should be.

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