Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 6 of Melatonin

Well, I have to say it appears to be working. I get deeper sleep and stay asleep longer now. I have been taking it consistently at 8:45 and fall asleep immediately but I think that is my normal self anyway.

The one thing troubling is the vivid dreams. They are what I used to experience and I rarely remember them after a day but if I awaken in the night because of one, I lay there thinking about them. A couple of times I had to get up. I am making a concerted effort to NOT get up. But if the dream is unnerving (and two HAVE been) I find I am afraid. So I get up and walk around.

So, dilemma... which is worse: 1. lack of sleep or 2. scary dreams?

In my life, I have found that if I remember to add the request of no dreams or sweet dreams (if I MUST dream) in my prayers, the request is ALWAYS answered. Isn't that weird?

I'll say (or think) "Ok God... I really need to not dream tonight so if you could work that out for me, I would really appreciate it, but if I have to dream could you at least make it not scary?"

Works every time it's tried.

Another side effect of the Mel is high energy levels. I wake up raring to go... don't know where that might be but by golly, I'm ready!

I am also ready to get the holiday preps underway. I want to slide into Christmas stressless. Well, who wouldn't?

I am not going to make my targeted project in time, alas. I have only the borders to go on the 2nd Leslie BOM, the Christmas one but at the rate of speed, I will not finish all six, quilted, before Dec.31. Ain't gonna happen. The Blue and Gold is done (not quilted) and I have the fabric lined up to complete the tops of the Oriental and RW&Bs but I still have blocks to make for the Brights. Boo. OK I must give myself slack and think if I get 2 more completed (not quilted) by New Years, that will still be an accomplishment.
And at the end of the day (year) the deadline was imposed by me alone with no reward for completion nor demerit for failure. I refuse to think of NOT sewing EVERYTHING as a failure but, rather, sewing lots of stuff a success.

It really is all about perspective and balance.
On that note: here is the status of the veg garden

Closest to you is the kale, arugla, more kale and Chard
The back bed has beets and carrots! Carrots!!

Left: kholrabi, lettuce and cabbage, collards, brussells and raab
Right: Kale, spinach, broccoli
Can you tell we like kale? And lots of it, please!

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