Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Many Men.....

...does it take to install one electrical meter?

3 and here are 2 of them.
and they arrived in ..... wait for it... 3 separate installation trucks. True.

But this means we have illumination in the barn. So how cool is that?

Also I have finished the second Leslie BOMb, the Christmas Quilt.

So that a plus.

Yesterday was splendid outside and took advantage of the warmer weather to plant the leeks I started weeks ago and they are still quite small. I used the English method of growing and planting and got 28 seedlings started now in the beds. We ordered row covering last week that I hopes arrives quickly.

I love leek soup but here's a question...... why are they so darned expensive in the grocery? Because they take so long to grow? Then why are lettuce so expensive? They pop up overnight! Short shelf life I suppose. I am grateful to be able to grow our own.

Last week we had a forecast of exceptionally cold nights so we covered the peas and I think that really helped them. Alas, the lettuces, chard and onions took a direct hit. I think they will revive with the covers.

The chickens are slowing down on production now... the hours of light have diminished to less than 12 each day. And daylight savings has changed the dawn from 7 am to 6 am but that doesn't stop Stu from screaming at what is now 3am. Fool. They see me coming and make a beeline to the gate in hopes of treats. Have they got me trained, or what!

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