Friday, June 10, 2011

The Horns of a Dilemma

When you plant a variety of good things to eat and they all ripen at the same time, the burning question I find myself asking is, "What's for breakfast?"

I could have this: I have discovered that peanut butter on toast is good but even better when you pair it with a peach.

But it only improves when you pare the peach and sprinkle the pieces on top!

Those are the "Tropic Snow" peaches, a small white-fleshed free-stone peach developed in Florida for locations that have a lower number of chill-hours. They are delicious!

But then, again, the black- & raspberries and blueberries are almost finished and you couldn't blame me if I went with the Greek yogurt and mixed berries, right?

Still, we have a mountain of amazing tomatoes now that call out for consumption and I love me a good mayo and 'mater sammich!

What to do? What is a girl to do?

I know!! I ate every one. And then I went back for the other half of that sammich! HAHAhahaha


Some of the tomatoes this year.
From the 12 o'clock postion and moving clockwise: we have the Costoluto Genovese, a weirdly shaped, wonderfully flavored tomato that grows huge plants and fruit. A really good producer so far. (Parks Seeds) (I've been mispronouncing the name as Convolustos. That's what they SHOULD be called)

Beefsteak, the classic summer tomato. Don't know where the benefactor of the plant got the seeds.

Cherokee Purple at 3 o'clock. Huge heirloom tomatoes, slightly fussy plant. The taste is out-standing and worthy of respect. (Parks Seeds)

Mosaico Cherries: these are much larger than the cherry 100s I usually plant and I was intrigued by the description in Parks catalogue. Very happy with the fruit.

6 o'clock: Here are Juliet romas. Don't know where they were purchased. These have a nice flavor but are smaller than the Margharita. I'll use them in salads instead of sauces.

The smaller cherries are Organic Sweeties. They have a bright flavor and the two plants are loaded, I mean LOADED with tomatoes.

The large Romas are Margheritas and they are very meaty; I am really excited to start pulping them for canning sauces. (Parks Seeds)

In the center is the Eva Purple. This is the one Parks sent as a bonus package last year. It arrived too late in the spring to bother with adding last year but I was curious about the plant and did not see it in the catalogue this year. So I seeded them and got lots of plants. I planted 4 of them in the raised bed and gave the rest away. I really hope the people who got them had the success we have experienced because I really like them. I intend to collect seeds from one of the fruit for next year because I don't know where I will find commercial seeds again. I read on the pack that they are heirloom.

Still to come and almost there: Razzleberry, Brandywine and Money Makers.

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