Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We just blasted through South Texas by way of I-10 and I must report the following because it was not what I expected.

First of all, the ride over was typical of I-10; rushed and frantic. It was also filled with rain which didn't help other than to be a cooler trip than the norm for late June.

But riding over the Atchafalaya was a real surprise.... the Henderson Swamp is filled due to the opening of the Morganza Spillway and absolutely beautiful. I have seen in much lower but never this high. And the crops along the highway to the west were stunningly green and full. So I guess the rice production and sugar is going to be a good year.

We managed to flow through Houston with no delay and I love being able to access the HV lane. I lived in Houston when the project was begun and the expansion of this scheme has made transecting a huge city almost something to look forward to. Almost.

Now once we headed down South I-59, I again expected to see the effects of this draught that Texas has been experiencing but nothing of the sort was seen. All the way to Corpus Christi, the fields of sorgum, cotton and what I think was feed corn were amazing. The corn was totally yellow but still there so (and I don't know anything about how they harvest this crop) I assume they were preparing to cut the ears. In spots you could see where the fields had been plowed under but they were for the most part, in rows, as though they were preparing to reseed for something. I would have thought that left fallow, they would not bother with the rowing but again, I don't know.

The cotton in particular was awesome. as far as I could see in places. Now, outside of Corpus Christi is an enormous windfarm.....

(I'll be adding photos to this post after I get a handle on the tomato canning)

While we were gone, the girls kept picking the harvest. This is one shot Rachel sent to my phone. I haven't decided if I am going to remove last year's tally (on the right) or just make a new one to compare results.

So I knew I was going to have a lot to do on our return home. I started yesterday with canning crushed tomatoes in quart sized jars in a pressure cooker. Two of the jars unscrewed and blew the contents in the canner. So out of 6, I got 4 quarts for the pantry but fear not.... I have miles to go and will try again today. I also got 9 pint jars of simple sauce and 6 half-pints of catsup.

Today, I will continue with crushed romas and peaches. (They are really doing great and I will freeze slices as well for winter pies.)

Up-date to come.

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