Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Gypsy Curse *

We have been quite short on rain since Mardi Gras so it's no wonder we've been grousing as we drag hoses around, endlessly, to keep the fruit and veg happy.

I've been praying for a little in, "WOULD IT SPOIL SOME VAST ETERNAL PLAN?????? Just a little, fer cryin' out loud!?"

So, we got slammed last night with a terrific storm and at one point I was fairly certain hail was coming down. The wind was so severe my car was drenched. Under the carport.

I knew there would be damage but it was more than I expected. Far more. Half the corn was keeled over, 10 tomato plants totally on the ground. Yea. Well, this is why I plant more than necessary..... you never know!

I didn't plant more corn than I wanted and even with that, what little we did plant didn't come up as well as we had hoped so the corn might be a bust but we soldier on.

I spent 2.5 hours out there banging stakes in the ground and tying up what I could, throwing broken fruit away and harvesting what was salvageable.

It's a good thing I harvest every morning. This is what I picked yesterday morning:

* "May You Get What You Think You Want!"

LK and I stopped by Cane's for lunch yesterday and they had all these pretty flowers planted around the parking lot.
So Pretty!

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