Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dream On

Back in the young days of HBO, they produced a show called Dream On with a main character who, while interacting with others in the cast, would be reminded of some tv show he saw as a kid growing up. The makers of this comedy cleverly spliced these various scenes into each show and it made for hilarious results.

I loved the show back then and wish I could get my hands on a DVD of at least the first series. And here's why:

So often, I feel like that character.... someone says something to me or I find myself in a situation that harkens me back to tv in the 60s and I love the reminders. Basically because they were gentler episodes and vignettes of life back then.

This morning, while making my rounds in the garden, I heard Oliver Wendell Douglas in my head.

"Oh for Pete's s...." "Oh for CRYING out lou..." "WHAT in the wor......" "WHO in their right m...." I wish I could call out, "LISA!!!!"

Once again, Mother Nature is having her way with me... A few days ago, it was a void of females.... now I see a few of them popping out and the males have gone into hiding. The fun never ends.

If you want to trip down memory lane, enjoy this:

Ah yes, TV when it was worth the watching.

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