Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tomatoes in Manure

My brother-in-law, Terry, has been planting tomatoes in horse manure in South Texas and has tremendous luck. I am green with envy and I hate him for it! They give away and eat their fill and freeze tomatoes, they grow so much and I have this puny amount of area with sunlight to grow a few Cherry 100 plants! HMPH! (At least I get that much. Who am I to complain?)

Well ok, I have a little more light since Katrina and now that those three trees are down even more so I thought, Hey! why not try to grow some Celebrities in manure in containers!

A friend has a friend who has a horse and we got a few bags and pails worth of the gold and I planted four plants in four separate sized containers, just what I had laying around the house. And man alive, the results speak for themselves. Only drawback (there's ALWAYS one, funny that) You have to water EVERY day. The manure is rather porous and does not linger for very long. So I tank it up, move to the next plant and return for another top up.

It's only early April and we have tomatoes! Yea, baby! (yeah yeah they're green BUT they're tomatoes!)

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