Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun with Tomatoes

You MUST click on the first shot to get a little closer and compare the 3 tomato plants. The one in the container is a Celebrity and is growing in horse manure only and doing quite well. The one directly behind it is a volunteer Patio, (I think)that must have come out of the compost I added in the beginning when I worked the soil for this bed.
THE THIRD plant, that humongous creature devouring the entire bed itself is also a volunteer and is a Cherry 100 plant. Check out the growth difference!

Here is another Celebrity in manure and you can see I am getting alot of fruit but the plant is starting to look a little peaked. I have added more manure but I think I will add some Miracle Grow soil to the container.

And here is the first tomato to ripen for what is promising to be a good crop of tomatoes. I am really glad I planted a few in containers because if we have to be fully moved and out of the house before the end of the season, someone other than me is going to reap a heck of a harvest.

I get to pick him tomorrow! or her.

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