Sunday, May 3, 2009

Magnolia Blossoms are Lovely

It's really too bad the trees themselves are so trashy. They lose all their leaves right about now. Right about the time the yard is looking clean and the grass is coming in strong is when the mag leaves litter the lawn. And then after about 4 weeks of that nonsense the trees look great with new soft green leaves and the flowers all gone. No, wait.... they turned to seeds. And in a few weeks the seeds start to fall and I get to clean up after them.

Honestly, living under live oak, pine trees and magnolias MAY be beautiful to some people. The yard-ape is getting tired of the clean-up.

The flowers are extraordinary. The tree directly outside our front door never bloomed. And even if it did the flowers were so high in the sky, you could only see the underside.

These flowers are from a tree across the cul-de-saq and the branch has draped to the ground so I got some good close-ups.

I wish a camera could capture fragrance. These are so sweet and clean-smelling.

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