Thursday, May 7, 2009

I got fired up...

...about something I read today on a comments section on a blog

Over at RedState, a post titled: Lefties Slam Soros, Barack and Michelle Obama. A commenter then tried to change the subject and asked a question I felt obligated to answer.

So I just spent the better part of 30 minutes responding. But before I hit "post", I am going to copy it here

"But EVEN IF, it cost lots of money, you did not address, in my opinion, the more important argument of begging the question - so if it’s OK for Limbaugh to make lots of money why attack Soros, Michelle Obama’s sneakers, or the inauguration?"

Let me try to articulate why there is a difference between Limbaugh and M. Obama and Soros.

Limbaugh has always promoted capitalism. He works for what he earns and makes no apology for his success. Rather, he celebrates it. He encourages everybody the world over to embrace capitalism and to be good at doing what you love to do because he believes that is the surest route to financial success and happiness.

G. Soros, while making buckets of money in various markets, funds movements that decry and undercut capitalism and American productivity and individualism. He makes no apology for it either. He rubs that in our faces. He is the provocateur.

First Lady Michelle Obama on the campaign trail encouraged Americans to avoid the "market" system and set their goals as teachers, nurses, volunteers, community organisers and the like. Yet she wasat that time a CORPORATE lawyer for a HOSPITAL pulling in 6 figures and then remarking to her audience that she understands how difficult it is for the common man because she and her husband had to juggle paying for the home (A mansion) paying off their student loans and paying for the girls camps and dance classes etc.(how can I possibly explain how insulting that was? $300,000 salary and she STILL hadn't paid off her student loans? She couldn't afford summer camp? but she lives in a multimillion dollar mansion in Chicago?) She actively promotes herself to be a frugal shopper, that she likes catalogue clothes like J. Crew and repeats using items in her wardrobe but then undermines her whole identity as a populist and "for the people" by wearing $540 designer sneakers. Especially after denigrating Pres. Bush's proposed refund to TAXPAYERS of $600.00, saying that that paltry amount gives her enough to go out and buy a pair of earrings. Earrings? And we were concerned at that POINT about buying gas to GET TO WORK!

Interestingly, that $600 is roughly the same amount her husband's tax decrease leaves in the paycheck after accumulating during the course of the entire year. I guess she'll have to open an earring savings acct to save up for her jewelry for next year.

As for the inauguration's cost: In Pres. Bush's second Inaug, the left howled that it was unseemly to spend so much money during a war on something so frivolous. Well, the war had not ended in 2009 AND we the tax payer are bailing out everyone but the Icelanders it seems, so why was it necessary to spend even more on Pres. Obama's inaugurations?

The bottom line is: If you earn it, you can determine how to spend it and how to talk about it. But don't tell everyone else that earning it is gauche and ought to be suppressed except for a select few.

Some pigs are NOT more equal than others. All pigs are pigs.

Lastly you wrote: "I thought the whole point of the tea parties was we should reward people who make money - why the attack on Soros? "

see, you missed the point of the tea parties. NO ONE is asking or demanding to be rewarded!!!!! We are asking to NOT BE PUNISHED. It is punishing to have been doing the right thing FOR YEARS in earning our way, paying our taxes, able to keep making our house payments because we bought a home we could actually AFFORD in the first place and then have the GOV'T bail out the institutions that caused the Housing Bubble and finance problem. Congress forced banks to make loans to people they knew could NOT afford conventional mortgages. These very people then purchased houses even I could not afford. THEY, Congress, changed the playing rules and the playing fields and the very players themselves and then sit back and take NO responsibility for it, while putting the burden of paying for it on my back. (They didn't even READ the bill before they passed it) So now these people continue to live in houses I still can't afford while my retirement savings disappear from the portfolio and my taxes are going to go up. I call that PUNISHMENT.
THAT is one of the most basic reasons for the tea parties. We are angry that we don't even get a say in this. Except to try to vote these politicians OUT. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein....... all of them are the greatest scam artists in recent history.

And the icing on the outrage cake: Sect. of the Tresasury, wonderboy Geithner couldn't pay his "fair share" of taxes even when the money was given to him by the IMF to hand back. Oh no, oh no..... he made a mistake. Several years in a row he made this "mistake.". In "Chicago" a convicted murderer sings.... "he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife TEN TIMES!" Geithner is no murderer but he is a liar and he's the go-to guy in this new transparent administration.

HEY, Mr. President....... since your home in Chicago is sitting empty, how about letting your illegal immigrant Aunt roost there for the next 4 years instead of living off the tax-payers dime in Public Housing in Boston? She'll take good care of it and YOU pay for her being here. Charity begins at home and she needs a little more charity from her relatives.

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