Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Weather Here Yesterday

was so splendid, we went for a long bike ride thru the new neighborhood (and got lost. Hurrah for GPS on an iPhone). Low humidity and at 12;15pm it was still overcast which made it seem incredibly comfortable. So off we went, here and there. Even other people were out and about in the yards.

And then the clouds evaporated and the sun beamed down and the temperature soared back to the high 90s and I thought I was gonna die out there on my gearless cruiser. Hey, we live on hills now! But I made it home and downed about 2 quarts of sangria.

This is what I wake up to when the humidity is low low:

Rockin' sunrises. When the humidity is high, the fog is heavy out there instead and the sky hazy. It's a work day so I am off to prepare. Which means I am headed out to the Back 2 to pick some produce and bring to the shop. Gotta share the wealth!

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