Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello July,

Hello indeed. The year is half-over already and I thought I just took down the Christmas tree.

Up-dates: no rain here but I noticed how splendidly green and Irish the town of Covington looked yesterday afternoon. Now I know where it did fall the other day.

Ears: I appear to have otosclerosis. Surgery recommended.

New Orleans: is BEAUTIFUL!! At least the little area of Metairie between Vets and the lake, Causeway and Bonnebell. SO sweet and well-recovered. While the streets may be dully straight and long and gridded, the homes are beautifully maintained and the front gardens lovely. Good Job. And I DOUBT that's a rarity.

I dare say if I drove thru NO proper I'd find much the same thing. Anyone reading this from farther away than Texas: If you think New Orleans is comically-corrupted government, drunken debauchery and violently lethal beyond description, you don't know much. You ought to see what the vast majority of citizens live like here and you'd think it was paradise in America. If we could just get some grown-ups that don't see public service as a lifelong mealticket (as opposed to, say, a JOB!) in office and on the School Board and get rid of entrenched "family" politics, this city might thrive. Louisiana is a fabulous state. The people are ALIVE. Hot, but so very much alive.

Pressure canning; The house is still intact and 7 qts of tomatoes are resting comfortably on the counter after their bath yesterday.

HOWEVER, what gives with the separation? And notice the jar on the left: How did it lose so much liquid and is this normal? Is this safe? Only one out of 7 did that. Did I not screw down the lid properly?


meredith said...

But the other ones are separated at the bottom. Didn't you notice? But pretty none the less.

Cats and Quilts said...

Oh yes they all separated down below. The one on the left ALSO evaporated..... that is the other curiosity.

HI MEREDITH!!! How cool that you read this drivel!