Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pressure Canner Test Drive

....is commencing as I type.

Presto Canner. It was highly recommended that a first-timer do a test run to see how the mechanisms work, when they are working properly.

I followed all instructions, starting with the admonition to READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE. check

(I confess this thing is more than slightly intimidating)

I took it apart, examined all elements, washed all parts, reinserted all appendages, placed it on the stovetop and went to wake up John to see if he'd talk me out of this foolishness.

Hey I grew up hearing horror stories about pressure cookers exploding and killing people and blowing holes in ceiling. I'd think "who'd use this?" and here I have one in my house about be fired up.

He's still sleeping. I didn't have the heart to start his day this way. So I made toast instead. This much technology i can handle like a PRO. Toast with cream cheese and that hot pepper jelly I made the other day, using that low-tech rechnique of a waterbath to preserve. It's delicious.

The jelly, I mean.

Not the waterbath.

Okay, so the boy is up and the jars are in the pot.

The lid is locked. Houston, we have countdown...

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