Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21

Well, my worries about killing the corn with lack of water is unfounded. (I may in fact, be over-watering and that's due my stress over our general lack of rain for 3 weeks) However, no one told me about corn ear worms. Oh yes. Corn Ear Worms.

So now that the corn is ready to harvest, we pull back the husks and silks and find to our dismay that several of them have tenants, chewing away on the kernels. I have not been dragging hoses all over the plot to feed and water a bunch of worms.

Luckily, they aren't all over every ear or I would just toss them all away and be done with it now. As it is, I will begin processing the good ones tomorrow morning. The freezer is filling rapidly with things green and yummy.

And the pantry has more cans of tomato sauces and stewed tomatoes, pickled okra and cucumbers. I am having a blast and yes, it is very tiring but the good side is I sleep awfully well at night, not past 5:00 but that's ok.

It's 5:32am and there's a whole lot of shucking going on in the kitchen.

I've got the BIG pot on the boil and am going to parboil or blanch (haven't decided which is which and am too tired to look it up) the cobs and cut the kernels off and freeze them. 12 little beauties waiting to go into the boil.

The cobs are bi-colored. I don't know if that's the variety or if the soil quality makes them look mardi gras.

Additionally, this is what I got from the Kimberly Garden:

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