Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jalapenos Are Dreadful!!!

No, not really but my hands are burning something awful at the moment and even typing this post is painful but I must, simply MUST reveal to the reader how stupid I can be and so easily.

We moved alright! We bought the farm, have been moving in for the past 10 days and the garden is rapidly out-pacing my daily attempts to harvest and process all the veg. We have totally dug up every red potato and picked green beans endlessly. I have depleted my friends' pantries as a source of distribution. I am blanching and freezing baggies of the beans and still they keep growing. I am coming close to yanking the devils out just to get a little downtime before the tomatoes ripen and it all starts over again.

I pick okra every morning. They, too, get processed and frozen because I really haven't had time to actually COOK them. I will no doubt be making gumbo in a few days because No.2 is coming home to acclimate her cat, Polo, to the new joint.

This morning in the cool of the dawn I tied up 28 tomato plants. Clearly, no one told the previous owners that staggering crops is a good idea. 28 plants and you just know they're all going to ripen, on cue, at precisely the same time! Each plants has at LEAST 8 tomatoes hanging off at this time. And more coming.

Then there's the jalapenos, green peppers and eggplants. Oh yes and 4 squash plants, 2 zuccs and two crook necks and I do NOT exaggerate when I write that the first 6 or 7 zuccs that we picked were the the size of my lower leg and arm. THEY WERE HUGE!!!!! THe crooks were no good at that size but the zuccs tasted great and made good bread.

2 Rows of sweet corn round out the garden. They have tasselled now and are 7.5' tall. Can't WAIT for fresh corn. Whoo-hoo!!

HOnestly, my fingers are burning so badly and the heat from the keys are adding to the pain. Note to Self: Use Rubber Gloves. Check.

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