Saturday, June 27, 2009



Not much better.

Two cats and not a predator among them. There they sit, watching a cricket IN MY HOUSE! What am I feeding them for if not to protect me from "invaders", hmmm?

On a lighter side... well in truth, all that weighed a lot. So much so, it took two trips from the Back 2 to haul it to the house.
I've left an ordinary table knife in the shot for proportion and scale.

Those are the last of the corn ears. We grilled a few last night and they were incredibly good.

Okay, confession time: As harried as I was yesterday, processing all that yield, I MAY have made a mistake.

I have read time and again how VERY URGENTLY IMPORTANT it is to can tomatoes carefully and with lemon to increase the acidic quality and boiling it for no less than 45 minutes and even at that, the USDA only recommends using a pressure canner (which I did buy but haven't used yet) and I take all of this to heart. I am a seriously concerned person when it comes to things that could KILL me and those I love, or at the very least, those I feed.

So, it surprised me when I wakened this morning with the wonderment: "Did I remember to add the lemon to those last two quarts of whole tomatoes?".........

"Surely I remembered! Of COURSE I remembered!"

"Really?" "Are you CERTAIN?" "How can you tell?" "Who's gonna be the guinea pig in four month's time?" "Can you SMELL botulism?"

I opened one of the cans. I figured what the worst that could happen? I open it and it tastes like salty lemony tomatoes or it tastes like tomatoes? Either way I use it up today and nothing goes to waste.

Salty lemony tomatoes. Good to go!

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