Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Everyone Bored with the Weather?

I know, I know. It's HOT. It's also Summer. They go together.

To add to the discomfort, 'round these parts, we haven't been having our normal rainfall, either. In SE Louisiana summers, we get these massive build-ups of storm clouds in the afternoon, which traditionally dump a nice amount of rain that cools things off for a short while and makes living tolerable. Yeah Yeah, the humidity is nauseating. There can be days were gills are required for breathing.

But all of this "tradition" seems to have eluded us lately. For 3 weeks we had not a drop from the sky. Clouds, sure. No precipitation. (fancy 5 syllable word for rain). I would check the 15-day forecast at Accuweather and see this endless stretch of misery and think, "If I can only make it to Sunday....." and then Sunday would come and go with nothing! I felt gypped!

Hey! I've been suffering and all and I WANT THAT RAIN YOU GUYS promised!!! I'm out here dragging hoses all over the place when I ought to be unpacking!

And then one day last week, on a day with no scheduled precipitation, out of the north came this wind blast followed by @ 15 minutes of a downpour that actually went sideways with the wind and left puddles on the caked earth. It was heavenly and so UNexpected. I think that was what made it special for me.. the fact that it snuck up on me while I wasn't watching and anticipating something.

And then, nothing. Again with the daily build-up of tremendous clouds all around us and pouring. Just not on top of us where it would do US some good. That is excruciating. Yea, I'm glad someone's getting relief.....but I could use alittle myself, OVER HERE!!!!

Til yesterday. Oh sweet sweet sweet..... it did that build-up thing ALL DAY. Thunder above and nothing coming down. Lightning in the distance and nothing coming down. Maddening, I tells ya. But by this point, I've pretty much given up all hope that we'll ever see rain til a hurricane in Sept moseys up our alley.

I was using my time wisely, setting up the sewing room now that we dragged the folding table over here from Kimberly and pottering around. At one point I look out the window and see something strange out in the Back 2. Only in the Back 2, too. It's drizzling out there. Not here by the house, but definitely over the acres. And it did this for about 15 minutes. Not enough to do much good but at this point, I ain't complaining. That stretch hasn't had hoses on it all this time. Only what God gives it in morning dew.

And just to underscore..... in SOUTH Texas, they haven't seen substantial rain in MONTHS so as much as this post sounds like I'm complaining, I'm really not.

HOT is Italy in 2003, July. NO air conditioning. It was unbelievable. I wish I knew what the temperature reached because I cannot recall in my life being that hot, except in the summer in the Middle East, as I dashed to the art gallery in unair-conditioned cabs. Dressed in Black, just to add to the misery.

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