Friday, June 26, 2009

Well that was short-lived

Now the corn came ready just 5 days ago and I have only a few ears left out there to harvest. Who knew that would pass so quickly? But I have lots of baggies in the freezer now and those ears out there will go on the grill tonight with a steak. How good is this? I will definitely whine my way into corn again next year. However, I think a better field would be 4 or 5 - 20' rows instead of 2- 50' rows. They didn't fertilize as well as possible and I have learned that the wind does the work more so than bees so planting them more packed than strung out would aid in this. 100' of corn is plenty to store and share so I don't want MORE than that in total. Just a better distribution of the stalks.

The okra is taking an hiatus as well so I will pickle our current store today along with canning more tomatoes and sauce. I bought a pressure canner/cooker yesterday at WallyWorld and hope I don't blow a hole in the ceiling. I'll have John nearby to keep me safe. This will cut down the time needed to process the jars.

Now I have to laugh because yesterday's Times Picayune had an article about a woman in DeRidder, LA with 12,000 tomato plants. You read that right: 12,000! HAHAhahahaha... I will look at my paltry 28 with jaded eyes from here on out. Ok, ok she sells hers at a couple of stands and I don't aspire to this. (maybe in the future! Not now) Our 28 have been producing some of the most delicious meaty tomatoes I have ever tasted and makes great sauces. I love cooking them down and watching the globes ripen (all over the kitchen) and opening the pantry to see the jars lined up. I have been giving them away as well and sharing the harvest and that is a very good feeling. Leslie has given us three new heat-tolerant plants that I will plant in the ground to hopefully continue the enjoyment through the summer months. The Cherry 100s back in Kimberly are still producing as well.

Time to get back to the kitchen before the sun comes up and I'm out in the fields again.

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