Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Because She's Just So Darned Qute!

So.... what'd ya do yesterday? I attended a bi-monthly meeting of our quiltgroup.

OKAY now that brings me to a query. Am I using the correct term...... bi-monthly? Does that means TWICE a month or every two months? Am I the only person uncertain of this?
be right back...... just checked G***** and found when applied to magazines, bi-weekly (or monthly) can mean BOTH.

sigh.. no one wonder English is thought of to be complicated to master.

nevermind....... WE meet twice a month and occasionally three times, depending on how often the day falls in the calendar. Just about everyone was in attendance and it wasn't until an our after that I thought.."hmmmm why didn't we discuss any upcoming project? That would've been a good opportunity as so many were there to participate." oh well....

On to other topics: the weather has been nothing short of fabulous and I have used the time wisely and started cleaning the planting beds. The carrots as long and sweet and I am going to plant some more and peas today. I cleaned up the bed where herbs grow and found that the fennel, greek oregano, mint, sage and cilantro(!) has wintered over. CILANTRO?

WOW I was about to pull that cilantro thinking it was a small weed when the fragrance wafted to my snout and stopped me short. I can't get that stuff to grow during the summer! How on Earth did it cling to life during this hard winter? I don't get it but I'll take it!

So the space it all fresh and waiting for a few more weeks to pass before I plunk in some basil and dill. I love having those fresh leaves so close to the kitchen. The rosemary is a sweet little tree now. I had a devil of a time in the old house getting rosemary, that promiscuous herb, to grow for me until I segregated it into a large pot and dragged it around the yard in search of a sunny location.

Oh speaking of pots.... grrrrrr factor alert. I have discovered that three of our larger pots have shattered in this cold frozen weather. I wish I thought of this possibility. I could have dragged THEM someplace warmer had I known.

I have the fish t-shirt quilt on the machine with only a few more stitches to go on it. yea! Another one done (shortly) and on;y a closet-full left to quilt.

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