Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I bought the KitchenAid attachment of a grinder last year and finally had an opportunity to put it to use. This is venison and I used it in a chili last week. The tool works great and cleans easily.

John gave me the pasta press for Christmas and I hope to make some Friday. It's going to be brrrrcold and I have everything I need to make ravioli!!

I have now completed every block of the Leslie BOMb and am about to finish the borderwork on the 5th. WHoo-hhoooo!

The civil war quilt is really a good fun way to also use up fabric stash and since I have NO control on the pace, I think I will make two sets of this one. I have a lovely stash of blues/browns/beiges to use up and I think this is just the way to go about it.

The chickens have that "why is this happening?" look about them. The weather is not the best for them; nothing is growing from the ground up; no bugs are grubbing around. They are so bored......

oooooo I forgot to mention this!!!! The other day, for the very first time, we got 7 eggs!!!! Isn't that NEAT!!!! and in the dead of winter, when chickens are supposed to slack off.

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