Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Other Shoe Drops- Uo-Date

AH, the joys of home ownership.

We live on well water and have a pretty good system. The water tastes nice, lots of it in the ground. True, it is acidic and caused our pipes to corrode last year and flood half the house. But at least we had a great well pump! IT kept pumping that water through the system and out the broken end all over the place. It worked great!

True, we had to rip out plumbing in the wall throughout and replace the corroded pieces. And sheetrock the holes. Repaint. But at least we don't have to deal with Chinese Drywall, right?!

Yes, all the wood floors were ruined. And the carpet. and the baseboards.

But that was last year!

Yesterday, that great pump went out. Now we have no water.

Which is worse?

Up-Date: Oh yea!!!! It was not the pump, after all..... only the switch. It had corroded. (What is UP with that?) Easily fixed and much cheaper than hauling the pump out of the ground.

Still, it makes you think. What would we do without water? How well would a windmill work out there? How much would it cost to dig another well?


Kathy said...

I am so sorry to hear of no water. What did the previous owners know? Hehe

Cats and Quilts said...

the switch went bad, not the pump itself. Thank God. We are back in business.

laurie said...

Hi Chris, I love your tally. Wow.
I looked at the book I'm using for my little backyard affair - it's probably the one you were thinking - The Vegetable Gardener's Bible by Edward C. Smith. I want to send you the picture of my father in law holding a rhode island red in front of their horse drawn corn crop wagon but can't figure out how to do - maybe one can't add pics to another person's blog. That would make sense. Have a great day. Laurie

Cats and Quilts said...

Ed Smith WORD! That is the very one! I am glad you have this book on your shelf. He is an inspiration and go-to guy for raised bed planting.

I don't think you can upload a photo to this blog but if you send it to my gmail, I'll get it,

I just wrote a post about the dinner. We had a great time yesterday! Have a terrific week and come on up to the farm!